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Our Mission
Our mission to serve the poor and deprived section of the society by providing them the basic amenities like healthcare, education, food and shelter that equip individuals to become an equal partner in the progress of the nation and by helping the sufferers of natural calamities to move towards a world free from hunger, ignorance, deprivation and exploitation.   

Medical Camps & Eye Clinics
This year we have overtaken our target of 30,000 people having attended, and been cared for, by our Medical Camps and Eye Clinics. Congratulations to Thakor Patel, Nimesh Gandhi and their team.

“I wish more people could be here to witness the results of their generosity. To see the joy in someone’s face when the bandages are removed from their eyes and they can see again is the most wonderful experience you could have.” Thakor Patel

UV Water Filtration Systems
These are being installed in schools in remote villages where lack of clean water causes disease and discourages children from going to school. This is part of our vision to strengthen education. The India team have just started this project and have so far completed 6 units.

In parts of India, children aren’t permitted to attend school without uniforms, books, pens and pencils. However many poor families cannot afford to buy them, so they cannot send their children to school. Your donation has enabled us to distribute free education kits to thousands of children.

At the Dru Foundation Trust we have been operating a major health service initiative which, by 2017 has organized the following activities:

  • 71 medical camps.
  • Treated a total of 32,950 patients.
  • Performed a total of 2,146 cataract operations.
  • Distributed over 7,028 pairs of free prescription spectacles.
  • 10,500 children were provided with free education kits so they could attend school (1,618 in 2015 and 2,000 in 2016 and 2383 students 2017.)
  • About 72 students and including nurses are adopted for their education fees for year 2017
  • Every year about 3,600 peoples benefited from the food distribution project
  • Every year about 2,000 peoples benefited from the clothing distribution project
  • Provided assistance for students with education and nursing training.
  • Distributed fresh food to underprivileged patients twice a month.
  • Provided treatment for underprivileged patients at charity rates in the Dispensary of Dr. Kanubhai Patel.
  • Provided X-ray, Sonography & Medical Laboratory Tests to economically challenged people at 50% concessional rates.
  • Giving relief to patient in their hospital bills.
  • Giving relief to Dialysis patients to their treatment.

Helping children get an education

Many students in India are dropping out of school before graduation, since their parents cannot to afford to provide a uniform, text books, school bag and such other items. Their parents are mainly working in a farm or as domestic help. Their world is surrounded with darkness—the darkness of illiteracy. School provides a better opportunity. Unfortunately, this is still is a distant dream. Yet, we know, the future of the country is shaped in their classrooms...

We are trying to provide educational material to these poor children who can attend government schools. We distribute educational material consisting of notebooks, pencils, pens, eraser, sharpener, ruler and slates. We select the candidates by personal visit to their school.

So far we have helped 4,500 students (about 27,000 notebooks & other equipment). There is a pressing need to help more children to continue their education. Your donation provides educational materials for these deserving children, and thereby ensure that they do not drop out of school.

Your support will bring more smiles on the faces of children.

Clothing distribution - 12 January 2016


DRU Foundation Trust, India is working for the welfare of society for many years. We have various welfare programmes like Free Medical Camp, Charitable Dispensary and Clinical Laboratory, Food Distribution, Book Donation project, Clothing Distribution, Nursing Training project etc.

Concept :

To give an underprivileged person new clothes is as good as dressing them with self-respect. With this objective we distribute usable clothes (jackets, sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, sarees, dress etc.) to children, women and men of all ages who live in poverty. We work through a network of local people to ensure that people who need it the most get what they need.

The method of distribution:

1. We collect all types of used/new clothes from the local area and buy clothes from the shops for distribution. Tribal areas and the poorest areas are given priority.

2. First we do survey or to compile list of beneficiaries area / village / Location wise to facilitate packing and distribution, and to tabulate Age/ Sex/ Size requirement.

3. The member of our group sort clothes as per group age /sex and size wise, to remove torn cloths, to count, to pack and to transport the agency destination.

4. All care is taken to provide timely help to the beneficiaries e.g. woolens & sweaters in winter and cotton in summer.

5.  Our Trust's representative maintains follow–up and personally attends distribution.

On 9 January 2016 (Saturday) we distributed more than 1,250 items of clothing to the tribal villages of Vansada like Vangan, Mankuniya, Kanda, Chondha, Bopi etc…..

If you have used clothes we are ready to have it collected for free distribution to poor and needy people (for local area) just drop us a mail or phone us and we will organize pickup immediately.

Or for out of local area you can send by parcel to below address.

Address :

DRU Foundation Trust (C/o. Thakor S. Patel)
36, Sitaram Nagar Society, Panchwati nagar,
Chhapra road, At: Chhapra,
Ta.-Dist. Navsari, Gujarat state, India 396445. 
Contact us on : +91 9377174489
Email us : dru108.india@gmail.com

318 people patients + 49 free cataract operations

The DRU Foundation Trust, India organized a free medical/health check up & cataract operation camp for 1 day on last Sunday on Date: 3/1/2016 between 9.30am-12.30pm. This medical camp was sponsored by our donor Mr. Dipakbhai Patel & his family.

It was organized in Rambhai Nathabhai Patel High school of Village PATA PARDI, Ta. Palsana, Dist. Surat.  The purpose of organizing the camp was to make the people aware of their health. Wide publicity of camp was done in advance in surrounding villages by way of distributing leaflets, displaying banners, and announcing with loudspeakers.

A team of well-known eye specialist, physicians, dentist, dermatologist and general practice doctors attended the camp. The doctors examined and diagnosed every patient individually. They checked the eyes, lungs, functioning of heart and other parts of body. Prescribed medicines were given free of charge by the DRU Foundation Trust, India. Free spectacles were also provided. Those who required cataract treatment were given a date for an operation which will also be given free of cost.  Other conditions that were also treated included; anaemic problems, skin problems, dental problems, stomach problems etc.

  • 318 patients treated in total (included 200 eye patients, 59 with skin conditions, 19 who needed dental treatment and 40 general conditions)
  • 118 spectacles were given freely
  • 49 peoples were given dates for a cataract operation.

There was excellent response to medical camp. The camp was a fantastic success and a marvelous effort from whole team. The patients and their families praised the efforts of the doctorsand nurses and thanked them for giving of their time freely. We also thank our the donors who sponsored this medical camp as well as the school principal and school management team for providing venue. We also thank our local village friends for giving their time and helping out.

Thank You,
Nimesh Gandhi with DRU India Team.

Health and Cataract Operation Camp—3 May 2015

The DRU Foundation Trust, India organized a free medical camp for health check ups & cataract operations for 1 day on Sunday 3 May 2015 between 9.30am to 12.30pm.

The venue was the Primary school of Village Danti,  in Ta. Jalalpore, Dist. Navsari.

The purpose of organizing the camp was to make the people aware of their health. A team of well-known eye specialist, physicians, dentist, dermatologist and general practice doctors attended the camp. The doctors examined each patient one by one, diagnosing all weaknesses and illnesses. They checked the eyes, lungs, functioning of heart and other parts of body and prescribes medicine and all the medicines given by the DRU Foundation Trust, India were free of charge.

Patients with eye problems were given free medical care, advice and spectacles. Those suffering from cataracts who needed further treatment, were given a date for their operation and treatment—also free of charge.  Other conditions treated included anemic problems, skin problems, dental problems, stomach problems and other diseases, for which patients received free medicines from the dispensary.

A total of 534 patients attended the camp. We distributes 129 spectacles and about 71 people were called for their cataract operation.  The camp was a great success, everyone praised the efforts of the doctors.

Our trust thanked the doctors for their valuable services to the peoples without receiving any remuneration or wages. Thank you all very much for supporting us.