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The World Peace Flame Foundation is a charity based in The Netherlands that is actively working to spread its light through practical projects to support people and the environment. These humanitarian projects are an essential part of our vision.

We believe we can change the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves. In this way we hope to build a better world for all mankind.

The World Peace Flame is dedicated to achieving peace through a process of education and the practical support of grassroots peace initiatives. We aim to inspire people everywhere that the individual plays a crucial role in creating peace, at every level.



Our team of volunteers in India are working in the villages of Gujarat to help people that have not enough income to eat a healthy diet and who lack medical care.

On a regular basis the team provides meals in villages and supplies supplements to people to meet the most basic needs of the poor. Often this is combined with education in the values of the ancient culture that is so rich in India.

Children say that their parents have forgotten how to teach this to them, and want to hear the old stories that contain the lessons for a happy life.

Even though the medical standards in India can compete with the west, it is often even impossible for villagers to pay for the journey to see a doctor or visit a hospital. Our team is organizing regular medical camps to provide basic medical treatment for everyone.

They can count on a large number of qualified doctors who attend to the needs of the villagers free of charge. Medicines are made available on doctors’ prescription and eventual further treatment in a hospital is sponsored.

As a preparation for a medical camp our team visits all families in the surrounding villages to investigate the needs. People that are ill are invited to come to the camp. Eventually transport is organized and provided to enable people to come.


Even though the aim is to organize and finance humanitarian aid as much as possible locally, money is needed to continue and to extend the aid to the poorest.

Compared with the cost of medical treatment in the West, it is possible to receive high quality medical care in India for relative low cost. An average villager has an income of only 1 euro per day, so it is even impossible to afford the local low rates.

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