RUBELA Vaccination for School girls September 2011

This camp at Navsari City, Gujarat, was about RUBELA Vaccination for the school Girls above the age of 14.

The Rotary Club of Navsari Round Town took the initiative for this Camp and we partnered with them in the organization.

The Vaccinations were given to school girls aged 14 and above to prevent birth of retarded, mentally week or physically handicapped children.

Below an overview of the total of 628 Vaccinations:

  • 157 Girls of  Sardar Patel School, Jalalpore, Navsari.
  • 58 Girls of  Akhil Hind Mahila Parisad School, Navsari.
  • 83 Girls of  B. D. Gohil Vidhyalaya (School),  Navsari.
  • 330 Girls of  D. D. High school for Girls, Navsari.