Free Cataract Operation & General diagnosis Medical Camp 24/11/2013

On Sunday 24th October 2013, We had a successful Mega medical camp at a Village called Onjal, Ta. Jalalpore, in the Navsari district, in Gujarat. 

Following Doctors generously gave their service free of charge:

  1. Dr. Nitin Patel [Eye Surgeon]
  2. Dr. Arpanbhai Desai [Dentist] 
  3. Dr. Saurabh Mehta [consulting Physician]
  4. Dr. Ketan Gamvit [consulting Physician]
  5. Dr. Kanubhai Patel [General Practicener] 
  6. Dr. Santosh Pandey [General Practicener] 

It is very wonderful experience in the camp. We helped about more than 502 people and distributed free medicine as prescribed by the Doctors.

About 41 patients with suspected cataract [few of them has been found cataract in both eyes] are called for further treatments or operations to the hospital. 106 patients received free spectacles and over 40 patients received follow-up longer treatments at the dentist's clinic. 

All the doctors and their staff are very helpful to us; they are doing their work for us without taking any remuneration or wages.
So, thank you ones again to All the Brothers, Sisters and Supporters for your help. Please stay connected with us and helping us. 

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