Helping children get an education

Many students in India are dropping out of school before graduation, since their parents cannot to afford to provide a uniform, text books, school bag and such other items. Their parents are mainly working in a farm or as domestic help. Their world is surrounded with darkness—the darkness of illiteracy. School provides a better opportunity. Unfortunately, this is still is a distant dream. Yet, we know, the future of the country is shaped in their classrooms...

We are trying to provide educational material to these poor children who can attend government schools. We distribute educational material consisting of notebooks, pencils, pens, eraser, sharpener, ruler and slates. We select the candidates by personal visit to their school.

So far we have helped 4,500 students (about 27,000 notebooks & other equipment). There is a pressing need to help more children to continue their education. Your donation provides educational materials for these deserving children, and thereby ensure that they do not drop out of school.

Your support will bring more smiles on the faces of children.