Health and Cataract Operation Camp—3 May 2015

The DRU Foundation Trust, India organized a free medical camp for health check ups & cataract operations for 1 day on Sunday 3 May 2015 between 9.30am to 12.30pm.

The venue was the Primary school of Village Danti,  in Ta. Jalalpore, Dist. Navsari.

The purpose of organizing the camp was to make the people aware of their health. A team of well-known eye specialist, physicians, dentist, dermatologist and general practice doctors attended the camp. The doctors examined each patient one by one, diagnosing all weaknesses and illnesses. They checked the eyes, lungs, functioning of heart and other parts of body and prescribes medicine and all the medicines given by the DRU Foundation Trust, India were free of charge.

Patients with eye problems were given free medical care, advice and spectacles. Those suffering from cataracts who needed further treatment, were given a date for their operation and treatment—also free of charge.  Other conditions treated included anemic problems, skin problems, dental problems, stomach problems and other diseases, for which patients received free medicines from the dispensary.

A total of 534 patients attended the camp. We distributes 129 spectacles and about 71 people were called for their cataract operation.  The camp was a great success, everyone praised the efforts of the doctors.

Our trust thanked the doctors for their valuable services to the peoples without receiving any remuneration or wages. Thank you all very much for supporting us.