318 people patients + 49 free cataract operations

The DRU Foundation Trust, India organized a free medical/health check up & cataract operation camp for 1 day on last Sunday on Date: 3/1/2016 between 9.30am-12.30pm. This medical camp was sponsored by our donor Mr. Dipakbhai Patel & his family.

It was organized in Rambhai Nathabhai Patel High school of Village PATA PARDI, Ta. Palsana, Dist. Surat.  The purpose of organizing the camp was to make the people aware of their health. Wide publicity of camp was done in advance in surrounding villages by way of distributing leaflets, displaying banners, and announcing with loudspeakers.

A team of well-known eye specialist, physicians, dentist, dermatologist and general practice doctors attended the camp. The doctors examined and diagnosed every patient individually. They checked the eyes, lungs, functioning of heart and other parts of body. Prescribed medicines were given free of charge by the DRU Foundation Trust, India. Free spectacles were also provided. Those who required cataract treatment were given a date for an operation which will also be given free of cost.  Other conditions that were also treated included; anaemic problems, skin problems, dental problems, stomach problems etc.

  • 318 patients treated in total (included 200 eye patients, 59 with skin conditions, 19 who needed dental treatment and 40 general conditions)
  • 118 spectacles were given freely
  • 49 peoples were given dates for a cataract operation.

There was excellent response to medical camp. The camp was a fantastic success and a marvelous effort from whole team. The patients and their families praised the efforts of the doctorsand nurses and thanked them for giving of their time freely. We also thank our the donors who sponsored this medical camp as well as the school principal and school management team for providing venue. We also thank our local village friends for giving their time and helping out.

Thank You,
Nimesh Gandhi with DRU India Team.