Our work so far...

At the Dru Foundation Trust we have been operating a major health service initiative which, by 2016 has organized the following activities:

  • 64 medical camps.

  • Treated a total of 27,312 patients.

  • Performed a total of 2,056 cataract operations.

  • Distributed over 6,133 pairs of free prescription spectacles.

  • 8,118 children were provided with free education kits so they could attend school (1,618in 2015 and 2,000 students so far in 2016.)

  • About 42 students and including nurses are adopted for their education fees for year 2016

  • Every year about 3,600 peoples benefited from the food distribution project

  • Every year about 2,000 peoples benefited from the clothing distribution project

  • Provided assistance for students with education and nursing training.

  • Distributed fresh food to underprivileged patients twice a month.

  • Provided treatment for underprivileged patients at charity rates in the Dispensary of Dr. Kanubhai Patel.

  • Provided X-ray, Sonography & Medical Laboratory Tests to economically challenged people at 50% concessional rates.