Statistics of our work

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Medical Camps & Eye Clinics

This year we have overtaken our target of 27,000 people having attended, and been cared for, by our Medical Camps and Eye Clinics. Congratulations to Thakor Patel, Nimesh Gandhi and their team.
“I wish more people could be here to witness the results of their generosity. To see the joy in someone’s face when the bandages are removed from their eyes and they can see again is the most wonderful experience you could have.” Thakor Patel

UV Water Filtration Systems

These are being installed in schools in remote villages where lack of clean water causes disease and discourages children from going to school. This is part of our vision to strengthen education. The India team have just started this project and have so far completed 6 units.


In parts of India, children aren’t permitted to attend school without uniforms, books, pens and pencils. However many poor families cannot afford to buy them, so they cannot send their children to school. Your donation has enabled us to distribute free education kits to thousands of children.

At the Dru Foundation Trust we have been operating a major health service initiative which, by 2016 has organized the following activities:

  • 64 medical camps.

  • Treated a total of 27,312 patients.

  • Performed a total of 2,056 cataract operations.

  • Distributed over 6,133 pairs of free prescription spectacles.

  • 8,118 children were provided with free education kits so they could attend school (1,618 in 2015 and 2,000 students so far in 2016.)

  • About 42 students and including nurses are adopted for their education fees for year 2016

  • Every year about 3,600 peoples benefited from the food distribution project

  • Every year about 2,000 peoples benefited from the clothing distribution project

  • Provided assistance for students with education and nursing training.

  • Distributed fresh food to underprivileged patients twice a month.

  • Provided treatment for underprivileged patients at charity rates in the Dispensary of Dr. Kanubhai Patel.

  • Provided X-ray, Sonography & Medical Laboratory Tests to economically challenged people at 50% concessional rates.

Download the latest statistics here....